The Inbox Class

Turn inbox anxiety into a playful space of communication! ⭐️


From chaos to calm in a matter of days.


Made for people who:

Feel overwhelmed by the amount of unread emails

Forget to respond to emails or miss emails entirely

Struggle with anxiety, ADHD, or sensory overload

Everything u need

With short and sweet, no-fluff lessons and visual cues to keep your eyes from glazing over, you'll have your inbox organized in as little as one weekend!



Module 1: Walkthrough

Get a full walkthrough of the features found in your Gmail inbox.


Module 2: Visuals

Tweak your settings to remove default visuals that are needlessly taking up space in your inbox.


Module 3: Folders

Set up your folders using the methodology and color theory behind this inbox system.


Module 4: Declutter

Let go of emails that are holding you back, one section at a time.


Module 5: Automate

Set up automatic filters to automate the labelling of your recurring emails.


Module 6: Upkeep

Learn the step-by-step process to upkeep your inbox in the long-run.

Katie Dalebout

Author & Podcaster

This was such a useful, changing experience. I got to organize my multiple inboxes in a way that my brain just didn't have the capacity to do alone. Now I have a system I can turn to that really works!

Damon Dominique

Author & Youtuber

The course is super sleek and well-done! I had such a good time taking it and implementing the features as I was going. Just WOW at the fact that this entire time, I wasn’t using any labels or folders (lmao).

Hadassah Robert

Singer & Vocal Coach

Having ADHD, I really needed a system like this to get rid of that ambiguous stress of never being sure if I've missed something, knowing that the emails are piling up and just getting lost in all of it.

The inbox class for entrepreneurs with anxiety.


* For Gmail inboxes only

Taught by

Jésabel DC

Organized is the last word that would’ve been used to describe me. 

This changed 3 years ago when I was a virtual assistant for a writer from the Chicago Tribune. She had hired me to organize her Gmail by request of her therapist because the amount of emails she was receiving was giving her severe anxiety.

As it turns out, a huge majority of entrepreneurs have anxiety, ADHD or sensory overload issues that gets triggered by information-heavy spaces like their inbox.

I started working with entrepreneurs and I got to know Gmail inside and out, playing around with features that no one knew existed.

I turned all of this knowledge into this online class so that more people could have access to this style of anxiety management!


Is this class for Gmail only?

This workshop is made specifically for Gmail inboxes. If you're using any other email provider, this 90% of what you learn in this workshop will not work for your inbox.

How long will I have access?

Forever! Take as long as you need to complete it.

How long does it does to complete?

The lessons themselves are 90 min long, but each module has homework you’ll need to do in your inbox. You have your inbox set up in one weekend, or it might take you a month. It all depends on how much time you set aside for your homework.

Will this work on the Gmail app too?

Yes, you’ll be able to set up this system on the Gmail app as well!

Will I need anything else besides my Gmail inbox?

Nope! We only use Gmail’s built-in features to design this beautiful inbox. No downloading any plugins and no coding required.

What skill level is required?

Because we teach you everything from A to Z, only a minimum amount of tech-saviness is required.

Could this class be a tax write-off?

If you're using this class to organize your work inbox, yes!

Other Q's? Reach out to

Design ur dream inbox.


* For Gmail inboxes only


Organizing your business Gmail? This is a tax write-off!

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